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Heye presents new BlankSideRobot at glasstec

16/09/2022 Important breakthrough in the automatic swabbing of glass container forming equipment The BlankSideRobot is the latest in a series of equipment developments from Heye International, aimed at... More

How digital innovations pave the way for an energy and cost reduced operation

29/08/2022 Earlier this year Heye appointed Hans-Peter Müller as Managing Director. He outlines his vision for the company and how digital technology will remain at the forefront of its portfolio to save energy... More

Verallia España relies on Heye International inspection technology

06/07/2022 Verallia España will install two Heye International’s SmartLine 2 inspection machines in its new cold end line at the Montblanc, Spain, plant. The HiSHIELD SmartLine 2 has been developed as... More

Joining forces for the silver cup!

04/07/2022 Summer, sun, dragon boats - and the Heye dragon team right in the middle of it all! At the 18th fun regatta of the Hamelin Canoe Club we are proud to have achieved 13th place in the silver finals!... More

Heye Dragons ready to fly!

28/06/2022 Hier ist Teamarbeit gefragt: Die Trommlerin gibt den Takt an und die Paddler nehmen den Rhythmus gemeinsam auf und bringen das Drachenboot ins Ziel. Endlich hat das Team der Heye-Drachen nach... More

Glassman Latin America: A resounding success

07/06/2022 When the doors of Glassman Latin America opened, the long wait after the fair break caused by Corona finally came to an end. For Heye International, exhibiting at the Glassman was the first major... More

Electric mobility at Heye International

17/05/2022 Conserving resources and avoiding emissions: For a future towards increased sustainability, Heye International also focuses on e-mobility. An electrically powered VW e-Up has been part of the fleet... More

Roadmap to the future

05/05/2022 You are kindly invited to inform yourself on the latest solutions Heye is offering for a Smart Plant. A Smart Plant combines the best Industry 4.0 concepts in order to produce glass containers in an... More

On the digital road to success

29/04/2022 The Smart Plant is highly automated and able to keep a top quality level at low unit costs. This digital future has already started. However, the processes to achieve optimal results require... More

Heye bids farewell to long-standing works council

13/04/2022 For 38 years, Bernd Warnecke has dedicated his working life to Heye International, 16 of which as Chairman of the Works Council. He retired at the end of March.   Occasions like this are... More

Digitalisation drives innovations in glass inspection

18/03/2022 Heye’s development of new inspection equipment responds to market demands, which are currently dominated by two trends: premiumisation and the journey to net zero. ... More

Mexican glass manufacturer selects Heye SmartLine 2 check inspection machine

10/02/2022 Mexican glass manufacturer, Vidrio Formas has successfully installed Heye International’s latest SmartLine 2 including Ranger 2 check inspection equipment to deliver high performance at its new... More

Heye Process Control: An incomparable success story

21/01/2022 As it reaches over 1000 process controls delivered to customers, Heye is the leading partner for process optimisation, regulation and digitalisation of the NNPB process. The Heye Process Control 4.0... More


18/10/2021 Hans-Peter Müller will join Heye International as Managing Director on 18th October 2021.   In his role, Hans-Peter will be responsible for the development and implementation of the future... More

The glass plant of the future

01/09/2021 Adopting the latest Industry 4.0 technologies is now crucial for the international glass container industry. Supplier of production technology and performance equipment for the container glass... More

Ware Handling for best results

16/07/2021 In modern glass container manufacture, high production results require good forming techniques. There is also a need for a modern ware handling system to meet increasing speed and precision demands.... More

Heye and Iris cooperate at Carib Glassworks

13/07/2021 Camera and check inspection solutions specialists, Iris Inspection machines and Heye International have gathered in a synergy. The cold end alliance, named WENSPECT, has proved working together as... More

Maximising the advantages of process visualisation

28/06/2021 Ardagh Group’s Knottingley glass container facility in the UK is benefitting from the recent conversion of an existing production line to Simotion® servo drive and FMT control... More

Retirement of Dirk Pörtner, Managing Director of Heye International

08/06/2021 As a progressive company, Heye-International is always looking ahead and not backwards. However, special events give us an opportunity to look back on mutual successes with joy, pride and gratitude.... More

New Support for Global Heye Team

03/05/2021 We are Glass People Heye welcomes the French company Cadres en Mission as new sales agent in its Glass People community. As representative to the market Mrs. Mélanie Basset will manage all Heye... More

CO-Retrofit: Now we're doing it colourful!

18/02/2021 The CO starwheel machine is very popular still today and it can be easily upgraded to the latest certification and safety levels without the need for new acquisitions. Heye International‘s cold... More

Benefits of structured Project Management

22/01/2021 Keeping the overview is essential for every project. Many tasks are complex and need specialist knowledge and expertise. Sophisticated project management leads to specified and structured procedures... More

Inspection takes a starring role

14/01/2021 Where special becomes normal - the SmartLine 2nd generation starwheel inspection successfully combines speed, reliability and flexibility to deliver accurate results. Special operations like... More


09/11/2020 HIGH FLEXIBILITY WITH THE HEYE MULTI WEIGHT FEEDER Gobs of different weights can be produced on a single IS-Machine simulaneously - also in NNPB. BENEFITS Several different jobs per... More

Virtual Glasstec 2020: Thanks for joining!

27/10/2020 Successful Presentations held on Hot End & Cold End Technologies Carsten Sorof, Sales Manager Hot End Technologies The presentation on Hot End end technologies showcased the Heye SpeedLine... More

German plant upgrade features advanced Heye production technologies

26/10/2020 Ardagh Group’s Germersheim glass production facility in south west Germany has been the subject of a substantial investment in recent months. One of the facility’s two melting furnaces has been... More

Virtual Glasstec 2020: Be our guest!

13/10/2020 Heye International will take part in Virtual Glasstec 2020 as an exhibitor. From October 20 to 22 the event offers knowledge transfer, top-class lectures by renowned speakers on current topics... More

New sales partner for Spain and Portugal

17/09/2020 Heye International is pleased to have a new, strong sales partner: EMC S.L.L.... More

Malaysia’s Jg Containers benefits from Heye production expertise

28/04/2020 Advanced hot and cold end technologies from Germany’s Heye International are helping Jg Containers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd to maximise glass container production yields at the customer’s Klang glassworks... More

New Heye starwheel inspection machine benefits Stoelzle

20/04/2020 Stoelzle Oberglas in Köflach, Austria, is successfully operating the latest glass container technology from Heye International for more than one year: the SmartLine 2 starwheel inspection machine... More


03/03/2020 What characterizes the perfect team? Which skill diversities can enrich the quality of a whole service team? And what are the benefits for the customer? These and other questions have been... More

Keep pace, save money: Retrofit option for inspection machines

21/01/2020 Obsolete inspection equipment can be upgraded to the latest certification and safety levels without the need for new acquisitions. The retrofitting of existing machines is often a good alternative... More

Camera-based weight control provides precise gob management

25/11/2019 Heye Process Control now integrates the benefits of visual gob measurement... More


06/09/2019 Glass Worldwide July / August 2019 issue, click here for the entire article The latest generation of IS machines can be equipped with sophisticated status lighting to provide enhanced safety,... More

Swabbing "on the fly" - without production losses

Heye wins innovation award with Swabbing Robot

23/05/2019 The degree of innovation has been clearly recognized on the international market... More

Delivering the benefits of comprehensive concept solutions

01/04/2019 The development of increasingly large machines with higher production speeds requires careful consideration to be given to other production elements at the hot end of the glass container... More

Manufacturer's benefit of Multi Weight production

07/03/2019 Assortment production masters ever increasing demands.... More

SmartLine2: Next generation of starwheel inspection

25/02/2019 Speed, reliability and flexibility in glass container inspection ... More

WENSPECT® - together for complete lines

10/12/2018 Commercial alliance focuses on complete inspection solutions... More

One million bottles a day – on one IS line

26/11/2018 One million bottles per day on one IS line. This benchmark has become reality recently on a beer-line with high-speed ware handling from Heye. Often underestimated, fast and smooth ware handling is a... More

Heye Swabbing Robot proves successful at Orora

18/04/2018   Glass Machinery, Plants & Accessories 1/2018   High performance, high flexibility and high safety are today’s key words in every container glass facility with low cost on the other... More

Heye Smart Plant Strategy successfully implemented at two major glassworks

20/03/2018 Latest technology commissioned at Thai Glass Industries and Ardagh... More

Heye Smart Plant Concept

01/03/2018 A move towards Smart Plant Concepts in the container glass industry... More

How Industry 4.0 can improve container glassmaking

20/02/2018 Interview with M. Ziegler, Marketing Manager at Heye International... More

Flexible inspection - from Smart Plant equipment to Retrofit

20/01/2018 Glass Worldwide Jan./Febr. 2018   Capital expenditure and budget issues are becoming increasingly important in the modern world of glass container production. As supplier of state-of-the-art... More

Heye Company Update -


High performance inspection for leading South Korean glassmaker

16/11/2017 South Korea’s high-tech glass container manufacturer Kumbi Corp has successfully installed Heye International’s latest SmartLine check inspection equipment to deliver high performance at its Incheon... More

Dual Motor Shears: Heye sets standards in lifetime

01/11/2017 Glass Russia, November 2017 (Russian article)   This shear mechanism for gob feeders is a compact unit which can be adapted to different feeder types and their arrangements. The shear... More

Profit maximization by precise ware handling equipment

01/10/2017 Glass Russia, October 2017 (Russian article)   Competitive production processes require good forming techniques, as well subsequently as a modern ware handling system to meet increasing speed... More

Heye innovations benefit Taiwan Glass

25/09/2017 Increasingly, Asia’s glass container producers are turning to Heye International for innovative and reliable solutions for their production lines. Among the company’s high profile customers is the... More

Shear mechanism innovation sets standards in operation

28/04/2017 Glass Worldwide March/April 2017 A recent Heye International development, this shear mechanism for gob feeders is a compact unit that can be adapted to different feeder types and their... More

Ruscam standardises on Heye Rotor Mechanism

15/03/2017 Glass Worldwide May/June 2017   Leading Russian glass container producer Ruscam has standardised on the Heye Rotor Mechanism, equipping every feeder channel on all production lines with the... More

Precision leads to higher yield

06/02/2017 Glass International, Dec./Jan. 2017   Ware handling itself begins with the pusher system, which transports containers from the dead plate to the conveyor belt. Two years ago Heye launched a... More

Smart Plant Concepts for smart glassworks engineers

07/10/2016 Glass Worldwide - Sept./Oct. 2016 Information integration is among the many exciting challenges posed by Industry 4.0, employing concepts that make extensive use of sensors, the processing of... More

Swabbing on the run

06/06/2016 Glass Worldwide, May/June 2016   All four high speed Tandem IS machines at Ardagh’s Moerdijk glass container plant near Rotterdam have been equipped with specially developed robots to perform... More

Heye International announces new Sales Director

13/05/2016 With effect from April 1, 2016, Heye announces the appointment of Jens Langer as Director Sales & Marketing. Since many years, Jens Langer has gained extensive experience as international Sales... More

Contactless 3D measurement with latest multi-point sensors

16/03/2016 Glass Worldwide Jan./Febr. 2016 Heye International’s Mark Ziegler and Gerd Schütz discuss the importance of wall thickness measurement in the high speed manufacture of lightweight glass... More

Heye SpeedLine: Success story at Ardagh in Dongen

16/03/2016 Glass Worldwide Jan./Febr. 2016 The Ardagh Glass factory at Dongen has been at the forefront of glass container manufacturing technology for many years, employing the latest forming equipment... More

Innovative inspection solutions for leading Middle East glassmaker

15/07/2015 Heye International GmbH is working closely with the Middle East’s largest glass container producer to support continuous investment in its cold end quality control equipment. As part of this... More

Heye Robot combines enhanced productivity and operator safety

25/06/2015 An important breakthrough in the automatic swabbing of glass container forming equipment is among the latest innovations from Heye International GmbH. Delegates to the company’s specialist safety... More

Heye strengthens position in CIS-countries

19/06/2015 The economies of the CIS countries continue to provide successful business opportunities for glass container production technology specialist, Heye International GmbH. In recent years, the company’s... More

Heye strengthens position in Central and South America

02/04/2015 The growing economies of Central and South America continue to provide successful business opportunities for glass container production technology specialist, Heye International GmbH. In recent... More

Heye builds on Cold End inspection strength

01/04/2015 The modernisation of existing cold end inspection machines represents an increasingly important activity for glass container production technology specialist, Heye International GmbH. As well as... More

Benchmarking & KPIs: What does good performance look like?

31/03/2015 Glass International - April 2015 In the day-to-day work of a glass plant, special expertise is necessary not only when production is interrupted but when new technologies are being implemented or... More

Industry 4.0 in container glass production

30/03/2015 Glass Machinery, Plants & Accessories No. 5/2014 Industry 4.0 is a major trend on everyone’s lips, referring to the fourth industrial revolution. Projects have been started in many companies.... More

Safety workshop planned prior to Glassman Lyon

20/02/2015 Technical Directors and Plant Managers from the international glass container community will meet in the old town of Lyon on 5th May 2015 – the day before Glassman Europe exhibition takes place in... More

NNPB: Less weight - less energy - less environmental impact

19/02/2015 Kanch Jan./March 2015 Success Factors of NNPB The results of many studies survey show us: Rising energy costs remain a key issue in the container glass industry. At the same time, environmental... More

New non-contact inspection modules improve job-change times

19/02/2015 GlassWorldwide Jan./Febr. 2015   Quality is increasingly important, with producers of consumer goods caring about the quality and consistency of their brands on a global level. Product safety... More

Heye Multilevel Safety Concept

05/02/2015 Glass Worldwide 11/2014 In line with a global trend to improve safety conditions throughout glass container factories, Heye International is convinced that safety-related investments result in... More

Modernisation for IS-Machines

30/01/2015  Glass International - 01/2015 Modernisation portfolio for IS-Machines When making investment decisions, often it comes to the point where the question “new machine or overhaul of an... More

HiSPEED Project in Thailand delivered

27/06/2014 Asianglass 08/2014   Less than two years ago, our colleagues have met the people from L. Lighting Glass at Glasstec 2012 to discuss a project. Often, it takes ages before it really starts-off.... More

Ware handling for best results

03/06/2014 High results in production require good forming techniques, as well as a modern ware handling system to meet increasing speed and precision demands. Ware handling itself begins with the pusher... More

Heye Plant Management System - Benchmarks for improving Production

01/04/2014 How is our efficiency, which trouble do we have and why? Where do we lose production and which defects are produced? These are the key question for a plant manager today. The HiSHIELD Plant... More

Heye SpeedLine: Evolution in IS-Machines

31/01/2014 IS-Machine Evolution - Glass Worldwide Mar/Apr 2014 Heye sees four major requirements in the IS-Machine segment for maximum output: High safety in every respect, an optimum cleanliness,... More

Production under control

01/01/2014 When assessing glass plant efficiency, it is helpful for the plant manager to know what troubles exist and why, precisely where production is being lost and which defects are produced. The HiShield... More

Heye International Symposium 2013

01/01/2014   The invitation-only Heye International Symposium 2013 was staged in December in the historic Castle Hotel Münchhausen in the Weser region of Germany, attracting an impressive attendance of 70... More