Engineering Competence

Our engineering team has the competence for all glass specific areas of a glass plant and offers - with a basic design-  all necessary information for more detailed budget estimation for the whole project.
The experts from Heye International are not only focused on the scope of the own equipment, they are also taking care for all the surroundings in the specific area.

Our Hot End detail engineering ensures that the focus of your operators is the manufacturing of bottles, with easy access to the equipment in the Hot End area and ergonomic arrangement of control element equipment and tools. Especially our deep production background in the Hot End area offers a detail engineering package with manufacturing drawings for the surroundings like:

  • Heye Engineering Competence
  • Heye Engineering at work
  • Engineering Competence
  • Complete Hot End layout
  • Glass collecting funnel and chutes
  • Intermediate platform with stairs
  • Load distribution plate with support steel structure and oil collecting device
  • Compressed air and vacuum connections with pipe routing in the Hot End area
  • Pipe routing for central lubrication
  • Water connections with pipe routing in the Hot End area
  • Cooling air supply with ducting and layout of the blower positions
  • Layout of machine control room with cable routing
  • Risk analysis (e.g. noise analysis, fire fighting, safety arrangements)