A clear perspective for your career

As a global player Heye International sets standards in the container glass industry with technical innovations and modern high performance equipment. The one thing that really sets us apart is our passion for glass.


For the exciting duties and responsibilities of the future we are looking for new employees who can identify themselves with our values and goals and who will enrich the company with their dedication and knowledge.


Welcome on board!


Heye SpeedLine: Evolution in IS-Machines

About us

We are a major employer in Schaumburg. Our facilities are located within easy reach in greater Hannover-Minden. Our worldwide customer base continually grows so that our employees can gain international experience, if they like.


Our positive work attitude is characterised by mutual respect, reliability, trust as well as by striving for innovation.


A structured orientation programme will facilitate the integration into your new workplace.

We offer you many opportunities to bring your enthusiasm and commitment to our daily business.